Open Letter to Wizards of the Coast and Organized Play

Magic: the Gathering is a game that spans the globe. We have players everywhere, and our community is diverse, even if our tournament community does not always reflect that diversity. There are Magic players in every country, and we are often more like family than the people in our families. The recent actions by the President of the United States put that directly at risk. Although people of all political persuasions play Magic, I believe it is still in the best interests of the community and the game for Wizards of the Coast to release a statement of opposition to either Donald Trump or his most detrimental policies. At some point, honor must come before profits. Furthermore, Donald Trump’s recent executive order known as the Muslim Ban is a direct threat to Organized Play and the Pro Tour system. Our community should not stand for these actions, and I would point however in Wizards of the Coast toward the moral responsibility in their conscience to make a statement clarifying their position on this administration. Thank you.


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