Limited Power Rankings – Week 11


Welcome back to Limited Power Rankings! Over the past couple of weeks I’ve drafted a handful of times, winning half of my drafts, and getting in some truly good decks. Battle of Zendikar used to be one of my least favorite draft formats, but I’m liking it more and more as the format progresses. It’ll be very interesting to see what remains the same after the rotation to Oath of the Gatewatch. Losing two BFZ boosters in exchange for two Oath boosters guarantees that the format will change dramatically.

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Review – Spare Deck

This is a review for a new Magic: the Gathering startup called Spare Deck, which rents constructed decks to Magic players. I’m going to give them a 9 out of 10 rating, and I highly recommend that players use their service in the future. What follows is a review of my experience with the service.

On October 31st, I went to Denver, Colorado to play in the Modern RPTQ. I went 3-3, which put me one win away from making the top 8. I was really nervous, and I’m pretty sure I could have made the top 8 if I was more used to playing Constructed generally and Modern specifically.

This was the first Constructed tournament that I have played in real life for 15 years. The only decks that I own for constructed are a couple of mediocre Commander decks made almost entirely from Precons. The last time I played in Constructed was just after the release of Urza’s Legacy. When I won my PPTQ in sealed, I realized that I was going to need a Modern deck to play at the RPTQ.

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Limited Power Rankings – BFZ Week Nine


Welcome back once again to weekly power ratings. It’s been a few weeks. I’ve been deathly sick, swamped at work, and taking classes to renew my teaching license. On top of that, I was also on the road playing in Magic tournaments, and it has just been an insane month. A couple of the weeks, I didn’t even really get to draft, so I felt like putting up a power ratings was lame when I had nothing to change or say, and the other weeks were just so hectic. It’s possible that I’m putting in too much explanation on these things, which makes it harder to just put them together week after week. I don’t know. In any case, they are still here, I’m still planning to do them, but just keep in mind that I’m not going to be perfect at getting these out week after week during the middle of the season.

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Limited Power Rankings – BFZ Week Four

Welcome back again to the Weekly Limited Power Rankings. This week I have been sort of swarmed with an intense amount of work from my job, which is going to continue through at least next week, since I’m coming to the end of a quarter of school. However, I still wanted to get out a power rankings, especially since I’ve learned a lot more about the format in the past week. I’ve gotten several drafts in on top of jumping into several friends drafts. It’s been strange because I had a slump where I went 2-1 in four drafts in a row, but I was able to knock off three draft wins after that, as well as two draft wins Skyping in with Zach Orts, so it feels like the format is in a pretty good place. On top of this, there was also the Pro Tour this weekend, which allowed me to get a lot more insight into the format. There are a lot of changes this week, in every category. You can check out last week’s power ratings here.

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Limited Power Rankings – BFZ Week Three

The weekly power ratings are a day late today. I had the option to either write the power ratings yesterday or do another draft, so I did another draft. My thinking was that it would be better to put this together after getting one more draft in. With that said, I ended up doing five individual drafts this weekend, and video chatted in for three other drafts, for a total of eight drafts over three days. This is the part of the format that I find most exciting; the time when we can start to throw the limited format against the grinder and see what comes out. A link to the previous week’s power ratings can be found here.

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Limited Power Rankings – BFZ Week Two

Week two of Battle for Zendikar is starting tomorrow, and I’ve got a power rankings update. In the past week, I did a bunch of testing in preparation for a PPTQ this weekend. I talked about my experience at that PPTQ here. This is the time where I start to form a lot of my opinions about ta format. I get to play with the cards and experience them in actual game states, and inevitably this changes the way I look at the cards. We definitely have some shakeups in the rankings this week. You can review last week’s rankings here.

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Instant Karma – BFZ PPTQ

I went to a PPTQ this weekend, the first of the Battle for Zendikar season. The first PPTQ of the season is always exciting. The energy is high as people sit down to crack packs for their first serious tournament. People wonder if they have correctly evaluated the set and if they understood the main principles. I’ve managed to maintain a 100% PPTQ top 8 percentage, so I hoped to pull that off yet and again, and hopefully win the whole thing. The room was buzzing as we sat down to our first pack, getting ready to register our decks and then pass them to another random person in the room. I opened a handful of packs, and pulled a rare Eldrazi out of each pack. And in the last pack, I opened this:

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